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What is a cookie?

When you visit a website, a small text file, known as a cookie, is created and transferred to your device. These cookies are sent back to the originating website.

One advantage of cookies is that they allow a website to recognize the visitor’s device and may provide additional information. A common application is limiting customer data on a specific website. For example, after a customer selects a username and password, it’s convenient to have these details remembered on the device.

Cookies can also be used on e-commerce sites to store items in a shopping cart. They enhance the user experience, analyze browsing patterns, and suggest relevant websites. Different methods gather data about how patrons interact with sites, such as the most popular pages.

How to manage cookies?

Cookies can be added, removed, or activated at the browser level by users. Follow your browser’s instructions, keeping in mind that not every cookie is eliminated when you deactivate them. More details about cookies, including how to apply and remove them, can be found in your browser’s settings.

Types of cookies on this website

This website uses four types of cookies:

  1. Essential cookies: Necessary for website functionality.
  2. Analytics cookies: Gather data about website usage.
  3. Advertising cookies: Tailor ads and improve online experiences.
  4. Performance cookies: Evaluate, target, and enhance user interactions.

Uncontrollable cookies

Note that we have no control over how third parties use cookies. These cookies can be analytics, performance, targeting (advertising), or functionality cookies.

For more information or to request data deletion, please contact us. Keep in mind that certain website features may not function as intended if cookies are disabled or removed.

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